Corporate Gifts & Personalized Gourmet Chocolate

When you’re organizing an event for your company’s anniversary, taking your sales representatives to a team-building seminar, launching a new product and holding a press conference to let the media in on it, or holding the annual meeting of shareholders...

These are the types of corporate occasions where customized chocolate is a fabulous way to communicate and express your values. Show your appreciation with custom chocolate gift boxes from RICHART. Give delicious chocolate as an end-of-year gift, as a reward to employees or to customers, as well.

Create branded chocolate gifts by using your logo or any other key visual of your choice. The full outer sleeve of our personalized chocolate boxes as well as the message card can also be adorned with a logo or note. We offer a variety of custom options for those looking to give unique and memorable gifts which include edible printing on chocolates, edible chocolate card, printed full outer sleeve or message card and more.

Personalized chocolate gifts make an impression, even after the last bite. Discover our selection of corporate chocolate gifts with custom branding such as a logo on a chocolate message card, filled chocolates or chocolate squares.

Since 1925, we’ve been handcrafting our personalized chocolate gifts in France and using only the most refined ingredients. They are an edible work of art that invigorate the senses. Custom corporate chocolate gift sets from RICHART are guaranteed to make anyone feel special and remembered. Browse our selection of personalized gourmet chocolates and other confections online and order today!