Various personalization options

Specializing for over 30 years in corporate gifts, thanks to our exclusive cocoa butter transfer process, we enable you to create your own custom branded chocolate, for a unique gift with your corporate identity.

  • Custom branding on chocolate candies filled with salted-butter caramel coulis.
  • Custom branding on solid chocolate squares, 70% single-origin Venezuela cocoa
  • Custom branding on a dark chocolate message card placed on top of an assortment of deluxe chocolates.

In this section, discover various boxes with chocolates that can be custom branded.  Don't hesitate to request an online quote. We’ll contact you very quickly to find out about your project and advise you on the best product for your context, wishes and budget.

Plan for at least 2 weeks of lead time Custom branding set-up fee = $390 Supplements: shipping costs for group or individual deliveries