Wonderland of Chocolate Bliss

To celebrate Easter, travel back to your childhood with a merry band of magical creatures who, with a wave of their magic wands, welcome you to a world of wonder: the land of chocolate. Revel in the delight of this whimsical voyage, and discover the intense pleasures of chocolate tasting.

Easter Gourmet Gifts

Close your eyes and just imagine… magical creatures who, with a wave of their magic wands, welcome you to the enchanted world of chocolate tasting, where you’ll enjoy a compelling experience that awakens your senses. Chocolates with crunchy textures and luscious fillings, imbued with generous aromatic notes that take you back to your childhood…

Easter Gift Basket

Share our Easter gift baskets with your family or friends. They’re sure to delight gourmets of all ages!

Hide and Seek

Mmm... filled morsels are perfect for an incredible Easter treasure hunt! Their delicate graphic designs, inspired by an imaginary world full of the sweet magic of childhood, their dark or milk chocolate coating and their gianduja filling, are impossible to resist!

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !

Set of 5 chocolate bunnies

Votre produit a bien été ajouté au panier !
Eat Me

Set of 5 filled chocolate Easter morsels


Easter treats

Discover our selection of Easter gourmet packets, to keep for yourself or to make someone else happy!

Welcome to Spring

The beautiful weather is here, bringing with it a breath of fresh air. Nature is awakening, flowers are starting to bloom in the sunlight, birds are brightening up your mornings with their joyful chirping, and the spring chocolate collection by Maison RICHART is tantalizing your taste buds.


Easter chocolates

This year, our Easter chocolate collection invites you on an enchanting adventure to discover the magic of indulging in inventive, sophisticated chocolate creations.

The Easter collection features handmade chocolates, crafted with ingredients carefully selected for the richness of their range of aromas, such as passion fruit, berries, lemon peel, gianduja, hazelnut, vanilla, and others. Combine that with playful graphic designs, and our Easter collection transcends your traditional Easter egg hunt, offering you a timeless moment of chocolate bliss to share as a family.

Chocolate bunnies, filled eggs, gourmet half-eggs, chocolate lollipops, little solid chocolate Easter treats, morsels, generously filled molded chocolates and assorted boxes: there’s truly something for everyone!

So, wait no more and meet Max, the Magical Bunny, Olly the Owl, Koko the Chicken, Fifi the Cat and Lily the Unicorn! Order your handmade Easter chocolates, online now.