Advent Calendar personalized gift box

For a little treat each day until Christmas finally arrives, give your clients, employees and partners a box of numbered chocolates with festive designs, filled with salted-butter caramel, cocoa and lime caramel, and cocoa and raspberry caramel, covered in dark chocolate. 

Custom brand your box of Advent chocolates:

  • with a sleeve featuring your logo, message and colors
  • with a chocolate message card featuring your logo and your message, to be placed on top of the numbered chocolates
  • for a fully custom branded gift, opt for the personalized chocolate message card and outer sleeve.

Orders must be received by the second week of November at the latest.
Plan for at least 2 weeks of lead time.
Custom branding set-up fee for the chocolate message card = €250.
Supplements: shipping costs for group or individual deliveries.

New collection coming soon.


Advent Box delivered with a personalized chocolate message card

from $68.50

Advent Box and box that can be personalized

from $51.70

Advent Box personalized with personalized chocolate message card and sleeve

from $70.60