RICHART Worldwide (Shops)

Visit RICHART boutiques for your French chocolate gift shopping and the sheer pleasure of the experience.

You’ll find our shops are a reflection of our approach to bringing you the best French chocolate…
Design is a critical component of the RICHART experience. Each chocolate collection, its packaging and the gallery-like setting in which it is sold has been planned with an eye for clean design and the highest level of aesthetics.

Indeed, it’s easy to mistake a RICHART boutique for an art gallery. They are minimally designed, clean and stark like our ballotins, so that the eye is drawn automatically to the main attraction – the finest French chocolate.

To underline the RICHART family’s passion for art, the RICHART “Design et Chocolat” boutiques exhibit the work of local artists. In addition, RICHART organizes an annual Children’s Design Contest that benefits elementary school art programs.

Looking for the complete French chocolate gift shopping experience? You’ll find RICHART boutiques in France, Spain, Italy, Japan, Korea and the United States.