Originality and tasty delights for Valentine's Day

Chocolate Bouquets for Valentine’s Day…


It makes you melt, fills your heart with happiness and makes you feel alive.
Love transforms our lives in magical ways. Celebrating love, passion and togetherness means celebrating what’s best in us, what we all aspire to be.
For a romantic evening, a declaration of love, a marriage proposal or to celebrate friendship, it’s time to express your affection.
So, should you get flowers or chocolates? This year, you don’t have to choose between the two!
For Valentine’s Day, Maison RICHART has created a collection of new aromatic chocolate bouquets, exquisite compositions of chocolates, macarons and French pâtes de fruits for a romantic moment with the person you adore.
The perfect way to win your sweetheart’s love!

Romance Bouquet – RICHART Chocolates

For Valentine’s Day…

RICHART chocolates are dressed in their finest colors to bring an offering of intense flavor and delicate fragrance. This new collection is full of surprises, subtle seduction and taste delights, including 3 newly created heart-shaped chocolates for Valentine’s Day:
Ardent Chocolate Heart
Inside a dark chocolate coating, a powerful aromatic bouquet in raspberry and litchi ganache, softened by a touch of Damask rose.
Playful Chocolate Heart
Inside a white chocolate coating, a warm burst of hazelnut praline, emboldened with a hint of passion fruit.
Intense Chocolate Heart
Under a milk chocolate coating, silky ganache made from Peruvian cocoa beans, with dominant aromatic notes of nuts and dried fruit.

Declaration Bouquet – RICHART Chocolates

Bouquets of chocolates Romance, Love at First Sight, Kiss Me! , Blossoming Love, With all my Heart, Irresistible, Intense Love, Declaration and My sweetheart loves me!… There is something for every shade of desire.

The Making Of

The Valentine’s Day chocolates collection includes a special-edition morsel. Beneath a dark chocolate coating, decorated with specially designed iconography and colors inspired by timelessly romantic bouquets of flowers, lies a silky filling of delicate aromas. A heavenly marriage of raspberry, litchi and rose.
The ingredients have been carefully chosen for their aromatic intensity. Blended and cooked with Bresse cream and cocoa butter, the filling obtains a ganache-like firmness and texture that releases the full yet delicate flavors at the very first taste.

Artisanal confection of Valentine’s Day new chocolate collection – RICHART Chocolates

For Valentine’s Day, celebrate love by giving your sweetheart a unique bouquet of chocolates, presented with your personal message printed on a card slipped inside the box. It’s time to let your inner poet be free!

Discover the new Valentine’s Day chocolate bouquets collection