Mother's Day

Show Mom you care with Maison RICHART luxury Mother’s Day chocolates.

“In your embrace…
I fell asleep, I cried, I laughed, I felt strong…
You carried me, you consoled me, you raised me…
Happy Mothers’ Day, Mom.”

Cuddly mom, best-friend mom, tired mom, playful mom, strict mom, invincible mom… She’s a beacon of hope, a steady presence, guiding you through life, in her own way, always doing her best. Every year, Mother’s Day pays tribute to this unique person. Do you know the origin of this special day? What’s the best way to celebrate the person who carried you and gave you life?

The origins of Mother’s Day

Some people think that Mother’s Day was invented as a marketing ploy. But, in fact, this holiday honoring moms has its origins in various older celebrations, as well as in more recent initiatives.

  • The first signs of celebrations honoring mothers date back to ancient times. Ancient Greece celebrated Rhea (or Cybele), the mother of the gods and particularly of Zeus. As for the Romans, they traditionally paid tribute to women and mothers through the goddess of dawn and childbirth. These primitive celebrations took place in spring, during the month of fertility.
  • Christianity honored mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent with a Gregorian chant that evokes motherhood.
  • Much later, in 1870 in the United States, the activist Julia Ward Howe initiated the Mother’s Day Proclamation, encouraging mothers worldwide to unite for peace. But the person mainly credited with creating Mother’s Day as we know it today is Anna Jarvis. In 1912, she created the Mother’s Day International Association, with the same goals of peaceful union. In 1914, Mother’s Day became an official national holiday in the US. The First and Second World Wars prompted many countries around the world to make Mother’s Day official.

Every mother is special

Thinking of your mom may evoke her unique perfume, her soft, protective warmth and comforting voice. Or the childhood memory of the lullaby she’d sing tirelessly while you fell asleep, warm and cozy in your bed; her tender kiss on your cheek before school; her encouragement when things got tough and the fierce pride you’d see in her eyes when you’d succeed. Or how about when you’d laugh together, until you’d cry?

Your mom is also the person you’ve known since you were little without realizing it; an ageless presence who seems like she’ll always be there for you. She’s the one you’ve seen age without wanting to admit it to yourself. She’s the one you hated that time she made you take a good look at yourself, and then loved more than ever the next day. She’s the one you adore and the one you won’t speak to any more for a time, until you realize that she might have been right, after all. Deep inside, we all fear that moment when we know she’ll leave us forever, while hoping that, somehow, she’ll always be there to watch over us with her maternal kindness.

Children and mothers
How about you? When you think about your mom, what comes to mind?

A unique collection of gourmet Mother’s Day chocolates, to celebrate moms everywhere

For Mother’s Day, Gautier Richart has created a new world of taste that’s tender, subtle and powerful, by designing unique, handmade chocolates with aromatic notes evoking childhood reminiscences of a mother’s love, both personal and universal.

To celebrate the one who would embrace you, comfort you, congratulate you and give you your bedtime kiss, what better tribute than to give her gourmet Mother’s Day chocolates that are both unique and universal, like mothers themselves?

With a sleekly styled graphic design centered on the letter “M”, as in Maman, Mother, Mom, Mamma, Mama, Mutti, Mor… the “Mother’s Embrace” collection is full of wonderfully delicious surprises, with a delightful, tingly combination of violet and passion fruit, making for a subtle duo of aromas. The suppleness and sweetness of ganache made with violet—a magnificently subtle flower releasing deep, persistent flavors in the mouth—pair perfectly with the fruity aroma and incredible fullness of passion fruit, whose touch of tartness invigorates this chocolate masterpiece that’s both sweet and refreshing.

Let yourself be carried away by the velvety fragrance of the violet…

Secrets of chocolate

The unexpected flavors of our artisanal chocolate, such as the original combination of passion fruit and violet, are based on culinary innovation and testing. After carrying out extensive testing with our chef, we’ve designed luxury Mother’s Day chocolates as we’d imagined them: both sweet and full of energy, like moms are!

What’s the secret behind these new gourmet Mother’s Day chocolates?

Golden caramel deglazed with cream, mixed with passion fruit puree and violet paste. The cream mellows the passion fruit and violet, while preserving their unique aromas and the good persistence of subtle flavors in the mouth. This flavored caramel is then added to the milk chocolate to make silky ganache. Next, the milk chocolate coating puts the finishing touch on these perfectly balanced, mellow filled chocolates, revealing the aromatic world created by the unexpected pairing of passion fruit and violet.


Mother’s Day chocolate boxes

The perfect gift to show Mom you care!

The “Mother’s Embrace” collection offers a selection of Mother’s Day chocolate boxes bursting with gourmet treats featuring sophisticated aromatic notes that will make every mother happy:

  • Unique morsels and heart-shaped chocolates from the special Mother’s Day collection: under their milk chocolate coating, a filling with the sweetness of caramel, the kick of passion fruit and the subtlety of violet, creating a delightfully indulgent experience of gourmet Mother’s Day chocolates.
  • With Petits RICHART, an iconic collection of Maison RICHART since 1988, take Mom on a gourmet journey to the heart of the 7 RICHART aromatic families and a world of new flavors, sometimes classic, sometimes original, but always subtle. Discovery. Curiosity. Amazement. Intensity. Pleasure…
  • The dark chocolate message card embellished with a pretty flower.
  • Gourmet Ultra-Fines: thin squares of dark chocolate or milk chocolate that will take her on a journey around the world to discover the main regions of cocoa production.
  • The bar in a tube presents 9 violet ganache Petits RICHART with a silky, melting texture and smooth, subtle aromatic notes under an intense, dark chocolate coating.
  • French pâtes de fruits made of pure fruit pulp.
  • Mini-macarons: inside their crisp shells, they delicately hold luscious ganache, fruit compote (mango and passion fruit, raspberry, blackcurrant, 3 lemons, hazelnuts, rose, vanilla, pistachio, Sambiraja, and more), or salted-butter caramel.
A selection of Mother’s Day chocolate gift boxes

Wow her with a unique, personalized gift by adding your own message that we’ll print out on a card and pack with your luxury Mother’s Day chocolate box. If this year you are not able to see your mom in person, send her a mother’s day chocolate delivery! We will deliver it safely at her door whenever desired.

Personalize your gift by adding your own message that we’ll print out on a card