For all true chocolate lovers

Criollo, Forastero, Trinitario… Since 1988, Richart has been one of the first chocolate makers to defend the concept of a single origin cocoa by creating a collection of plain chocolates for all tasting aesthetes.

Here are some examples of some tasting notes on 11 cocoa vintages from different botanical and geographical origins, coming from the best production areas, with 70% to 100% of cocoa. These vintages are or have been featured in the RICHART “Around the world” each one revealing through tasting the whole strength and ardor of the selected cocoas as well as the delicacy of the aromas, perfectly emphasized by a subtle making process.


  • 70% Equador:
    This superior Arriba can be compared to the best Criollos. With a slightly dark color, this chocolate exhales wooden aromas of dried foliage, and even of unfermented tea. Its 70% of cocoa make it a perfect creation to taste throughout the day.
  • 70% Venezuela Sur del Lago:
    Like all chocolates with a clear snap – very few tannins -, this cocoa develops an extraordinarily delicate chocolate. Indeed, the flavors are perfectly balanced without any bitter aggressiveness. The aromas are complex and extremely refined, with hints of slightly roasted dried fruit. The taste lasts extremely long. One of the great chocolates.
  • 75% Venezuela Carenero:
    A powerful cocoa which naturally creates a chocolate with intense flavors and aromas. The 75% of cocoa intensify this strength and make this chocolate perfect for those who are fond of intense emotions. This chocolate is however not at all aggressive and leaves the palate intact for further tastings.
  • 82% Equator:
    The cocoas of this country give chocolate strength and aromas of dried foliage. The 82% of cocoa intensify this perception without being aggressive to the palate of the taster.
  • 83% Upper Carenero Venezuela:
    This cocoa is true to the deep strength of the cocoas of this country while maintaining an aromatic delicacy. To be enjoyed on its own for tasting aesthetes. The 83% of cocoa grant this chocolate all of the qualities sought after by intense sensation lovers.


  • 71% New Guinea:
    From the Triniatrio family, this cocoa is very specific and extremely original. Strong aromas of musk mingle with hints of hay, leather and tobacco. With 71% of cocoa, it needs to be enjoyed on its own for it is extremely original.
  • 70% Madagascar and 82% Madagascar:
    This cocoa is particularly light colored, like most cocoas from the Indian Ocean. Its red color is very typical. The aromas which develop thanks to a very specific fermentation are fruity, with a hint of acidity. With 70% of cocoa, this chocolate is strong. With 82% of cocoa, it is extremely strong and even flirts with astringency. In both cases, it can be tasted alone or with a soft warm side drink (Oolong Tea, Maragogype coffee…)
  • 71% Grenade:
    This cocoa from the Trinitario family is solely refined and delicate. The strength is subtle and the aromas rather vegetal or even floral. With 81% of cocoa, this chocolate is to be tasted rather in the middle of the day or in the afternoon, without any drink or food on the side.
  • 70% Haiti:
    Typical of the Caribbean, this cocoa is extremely refined, aromatic and very little aggressive. It is recommended to taste it in the morning, when the palate has not experienced much.
  • 70 % Santo-Domingo and 82% Santo Domingo:
    This cocoa from the Caribbean is strong and intense but also contains extremely refined aromas. With only 70% of cocoa, the aggressiveness is controlled, whereas with 82% of cocoa, the tasting reaches the limit of aggressiveness. In both cases, these chocolates emit aromas of dried fruit or flowers. The taste lasts long on the palate.


  • 73% Ivory Coast:
    A classic African cocoa. Light, classical, with a straight and unsurprising taste, this is the everyday chocolate, to be enjoyed at any time. With 73% of cocoa, it preserves the strength and ardor of African cocoas without being aggressive.
  • 70% Sao Tome:
    This cocoa has typical characteristics of African cocoas and produces a very aromatic chocolate. With 70% of cocoa, the balance of flavors is well done and the slightly wild aromas leave a strong vegetal print on the tasting. The taste lasts long on the palate.


  • 42% cocoa – 24% milk:
    Even for a milk chocolate, this creation has wonderful qualities. It contains a very high amount of both cocoa (above 42%) and milk (24%). This results in a product with great qualities, that is slightly sweet, with intense aromas of milk and cocoa as well as hints of hazelnut.


  • 100% RICHART special:
    This product is particular. It does not contain any sugar. This results in a “dry” taste and in somewhat short-lived aromas. This chocolate nevertheless remains very little aggressive and extremely original. The 100% of cocoa will satisfy chocolate lovers who are not allowed to have sugar, without imposing them on a bad tasting.

As the supply in cocoa from certain origins is difficult to manage at any season, some references are not available year-long.

Here are examples of assortments for “True chocolate lovers”.