Easter collection

Secrets of chocolate.

The Easter chocolate collection by Maison RICHART took inspiration this year from the fantastic yet so real world of the Fables of Jean de La Fontaine, a major figure of 17th-century French literature. Our unique Easter chocolate creations combine innovation with tradition to achieve chocolate perfection, offering new delicacies for you to discover and enjoy.

Deluxe half-eggs

Like wondrous jewels in a box, the deluxe half-eggs contain delicious treasures to be discovered with every bite. You’ll find ganache, praline and coulis with powerful, unique aromatic notes inside of crisp chocolate coatings decorated with whimsical, aesthetically pleasing imprint designs inspired by the Fables of La Fontaine. We’ll tell you some little secrets about our half-eggs, made with ingredients selected for their highly aromatic power:

  • The Fox and the Crow: under a dark chocolate coating, ganache made with cream from Bresse and single-origin cocoa from Peru, in which the sweetness of fruity aromatic notes are expressed, typical of the cocoa beans of this region.
  • The Tortoise and the Hare: under a dark chocolate coating, silky ganache, featuring all the aromatic power of mango combined with passion fruit.
  • The Lion and the Rat: under a dark chocolate coating, all the aromatic power of roasted hazelnuts, paired with the sweetness of milk chocolate in luscious gianduja praline.
  • The Goose that Laid the Golden Eggs: under a subtle, slightly sweet milk chocolate coating, the aromatic power of kumquat puree, paired with lemon verbena selected for its invigorating, refreshing notes.
  • The Ant and the Grasshopper: the lush aromatic notes of the tonka bean burst in the mouth under a milk chocolate coating that brings sweetness to this ganache.

Every bite will take you on a fabulous journey to the delicious world of chocolate!

Deluxe filled chocolate half-eggs

Filled, delicately crackled eggs

The filled, delicately crackled eggs of RICHART are made using traditional French craftsmanship passed down from one generation to the next. Their praline fillings are made by hand with hazelnuts and almonds that have been carefully selected for their excellent gustatory quality and then roasted at varying degrees to bring out the full range of their rich flavors. Next, the nuts are either finely ground, for smooth praline, or roughly ground, for old-fashioned chunky praline. Finally, they’re coated with a thin layer of chocolate to deliver flavors full of promise:

  • Egg with a single-origin Peruvian dark chocolate coating, with notes of berries, filled with hazelnut-almond praline.
  • Egg with a white chocolate coating, with notes of creamy warm milk, slightly sweet, filled with 100% almond praline.
  • Egg with a chocolate-hazelnut coating, creating a subtle combination with a 100% hazelnut praline filling.
  • Egg with a white chocolate and raspberry coating, with fruity notes tempered with a 100% almond praline.
  • Egg with a white chocolate and passion-fruit coating, with tart notes balanced by a 100% almond praline.
Praline fillings are made by hand.

Here’s the recipe for our must-have filled eggs, for an Easter celebration full of gourmet delights: enjoy these delicious, delicately crackled eggs with your family or friends!

The moral of the story…

Deluxe half-eggs, filled eggs… Enjoy them alone or with other RICHART creations, presented all together in irresistible boxes of luxury chocolates for a celebration full of happiness and delicious treats to share.

Make the Easter Bunny’s life easier by ordering your chocolates from the new collection online now, from RICHART, your artisanal chocolate-maker.