Chocogram: tasting and playfulness

To help you celebrate your dad, Maison RICHART has designed an original collection that cleverly combines the pleasure of chocolate with the pleasure of playfulness.

An original, totally unique collection

People have always transformed materials, by carving stone, sculpting wood or modeling clay, to create shapes that embody their dreams and desires…

Chocolate is another fascinating material that can be fashioned by creative imaginations.

At RICHART, we’re driven by curiosity and by the pleasure of chocolate, constantly imagining new recipes and creating new shapes. And this is how tangrams caught our interest.

Legend has it that the tangram (which is the inspiration for our latest creation, the Chocogram), originated in the clumsiness of a 16th-century Chinese emperor. A ceramic tile that he dropped broke into 7 pieces. He never managed to put it back together, but he did realize that lots of different shapes could be made with the 7 pieces.

Tangram made with dark, milk and hazelnut chocolate

Set your inner artist free

The RICHART Chocogram is a chocolate tangram puzzle made up of chocolate pieces, carefully crafted from:

  • Excellent, single-origin Peruvian dark chocolate, with aromatic notes of black fruit.
  • Milk chocolate, rich in cocoa (47% dark chocolate and 33% milk).
  • The same milk chocolate, to which we have added hazelnut pieces.

The pleasure of playfulness, of the imagination, of a challenge, of a puzzle, combined with the pleasure of chocolate…

The 7 pieces of the RICHART Chocogram bring all of these promises together. Here’s a great gift idea for every dad who’s still a child at heart! The Chocogram is gourmet and original; the perfect present for Father’s Day.

Wow your dad with a personalized gift, by adding your own message that we’ll print out on a card and pack with your luxury Father’s Day chocolate box. It’s never been easier to have gourmet Father’s Day chocolates delivered!

And after you’ve teased your brain a bit to find the best shapes, we hope you’ll enjoy tasting this chocolate puzzle!

But wait! Before you taste it, make sure to share your designs by posting your photos on Instagram, tagging @RICHART.

For an absolutely delectable, gourmet game.