A Magical Christmas in the Enchanting World of The Nutcracker

‘Tis the season to indulge in the aromatic notes of chocolate with Maison RICHART, in the wonderland of “The Nutcracker”, Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet. It’s a magical world, where toys come to life, and sparkling snowflakes fall in flurries—a fairyland of sweets and grand festivities, inviting you to enjoy a medley of flavors… Join the dance!

The holiday season: a magical time of year

Have you ever had that warm feeling of joy inside, which grows as the holiday season approaches? It’s the gatherings with family and friends, when you share big and little traditions, which make the season so magical. Can you smell the subtle scent of sap on the Christmas tree? And the turkey that’s still roasting in the oven, making you hungry already? The youngest, with their sparkling eyes, are so excited as they wait for their presents and the wonderful toys they’re sure are inside. As for the adults, they relish this special atmosphere. It’s a time of joy and cheer in the cozy comfort of festively decorated homes; it’s also a time of gourmet delights.

A sophisticated, artistic collection

The new collection of holiday chocolates by Maison RICHART is imbued with the dazzling magic of “The Nutcracker”.

The fairytale by Hoffmann, “The Nutcracker and the Mouse King”, published in 1816 in Berlin, is the source of this famous story. Alexandre Dumas revisited it a few decades later, and this is the version that inspired Tchaikovsky for his fairytale ballet, which was presented for the first time on December 18, 1892 in the Mariinsky Theater in Saint Petersburg. The Nutcracker Ballet in 2 acts, 3 tableaux and 15 scenes, tells the story of a little girl, Clara, who receives a wooden nutcracker on Christmas Eve. Once night falls, the toys come to life, and the nutcracker doll is transformed into Prince Charming. He takes her to the enchanting, magical Land of Sweets, where the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Cavalier welcome Clara in a flurry of sparkling snowflakes. This festive world, full of dancing and captivating melodies, was the inspiration to create our Christmas chocolate assortment.

Holiday chocolates by Maison RICHART
Delve into the gourmet magic of the Holidays

Secrets of chocolate

From this magical world came five chocolates with enchanting graphic designs and a medley of warm, intense, sometimes unexpected flavors, each aromatic note evoking a key moment in the ballet:

  • The Nutcracker, like a fearless knight astride his little wooden horse, leads Clara through a forest of fir trees, in a flurry of snowflakes: a dark chocolate, filled with hazelnut praline and warm, cheerful aromatic notes, accompanies them.
  • When they arrive in the Land of Sweets, the Nutcracker and Clara are welcomed by the Sugar Plum Fairy, a dancer dressed in pink. At her signal, a glorious table appears and the festivities begin. Perfect harmony is achieved in a dark chocolate paired with luscious gianduja ganache, emboldened with a hint of lime, welcoming us into this sparkling wonderland.
  • Next, the Nutcracker leads Clara in the Spanish Dance, punctuated by the rhythm of castanets. The refined aromatic notes of Santodino ganache, made with cocoa beans from the Dominican Republic, celebrate the Mouse King in our Christmas chocolates. And they go perfectly with the lively tempo!
  • The festivities continue with the Bunny, playing the eunuch flute, a popular little instrument. He’s pictured on a chocolate filled with white passion fruit ganache, with light, tangy aromatic notes. It’s a flurry of joy!
  • Finally, a cheerful waltz builds to a crescendo, bringing you happiness and cheer with the mischievous Elf. The vanilla ganache adds fresh, smooth notes to this holiday chocolate.
Holiday chocolates by Maison RICHART
On your way to an enchanting Holiday season

The new collection of Holiday chocolates by RICHART, presented together with filled morsels, lollipops and chocolate figures, will take you back to the magic of childhood… Close your eyes and indulge in the wonder of Holiday season. Imagine you’re Clara, and set off on an adventure to the Land of Sweets to discover the best Christmas chocolates to give or keep for yourself as an enchanting treat. And don’t forget the must-haves for the holiday season, carefully crafted to bring you the finest tasting experience! Melt-in-your-mouth glazed chestnuts from the Ardèche region. Chocolate truffles with a soft and silky texture inside a crisp and delicate shell. And last but not least, our generous gourmet gift sets and Christmas chocolate boxes, bursting with amazing aromatic notes. No need to keep looking online for the best Christmas chocolates. You’ve found them!

Santa Claus and his reindeer will bring the presents; Maison RICHART will take care of delivering the Christmas chocolates!