RICHART Chocolates - With all my heart assortment of Valentine's Day filled chocolates and heart shape chocolates

With all my heart in Paris

Box of 9 Valentine's Day chocolates + 12 French mini-macarons + 9 Heart Shape chocolates

Maison RICHART is revisiting the spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in its new Romance in… Learn more

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  • Handmade in France
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Nutrition Facts
Average nutritional values for 100 g
Energy 1754kJ/420kcal
Fat 22g
of which saturated fatty acids 11.6g
Carbohydrates 50g
of which sugars 45g
Proteins 3.5g
Sodium 29.16mg

Sugar 33,66%,cocoa 27,19,cream (milk*) 11,99%,cocoa butter 4,26%,almond* 4,17%,water 4,02%,eggs* 2,8%,raspberry 1,59%,glucose syrup 1,53%,butter (milk) 1,52%,hazelnut* 1,38%,stabiliser:sorbitol 1%,black currant 0,79%,lactose 0,66%,whole milk* powder 0,72%,orange 0,52%,passion fruit 0,4%,vanilla 0,39%,pistachio* 0,34%,lime 0,34%,alcohol 0,27%,flavour 0,18%,emulsifier:soy* lecithin 0,16%,milk* 0,03%,lemon 0,03%, gelling:pectin 0,03%,salt flower 0,01%,black currant pepper 0,01%,color:E161b 0,01%, Traces of E171,E132,E129,E102,E110 . Allergens indicated with *. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, egg, sesame and peanuts.

Maison RICHART is revisiting the spirit of Saint-Germain-des-Prés in its new Romance in Saint-Germain-des-Prés collection.
For Valentine's Day, explore your romantic side with this box with mild aromatic notes, and speak from your heart!
Discover the 3 artists who inspired the chocolates of this new Romance in Saint-Germain-des-Prés collection:

  • Miles: a dark chocolate coating filled with a soft raspberry pulp coulis with just a hint of tartness. A touch of lime adds a refreshing zing
  • Pablo: a dark chocolate coating filled with an exciting combination: the sweetness of a hint of hazelnut and the intensity of passion fruit in a silky ganache.
  • Ernest: a milk chocolate coating filled with a soft ganache with smooth, sensual notes of vanilla.

3-drawer box:

  • 9 chocolates from the “Romance in Saint-Germain-des-Prés” collection
  • 12 French mini-macarons (assorted flacors)
  • 9 heart-shaped chocolates filled with bitter chocolate ganache (dark chocolate coating), filled with almond praline (milk chocolate coating) and filled with caramel coulis (white chocolate coating)
Product Dimensions

Elegant drawer box, format 130 x 130 x 100 mm, wrapped up with a paper ribbon.
210 g

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and must be handled with great care.

  • Ideal storage conditions for chocolate: constant temperature between 12°C and 16°C and constant humidity level from 60% to 70%.
  • Chocolates may be tasted at room temperature.

RICHART products do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavorings. For optimal tasting, filled chocolate must be consumed within 2 weeks of purchase (5 days for macarons).