Kiss me bouquet !

Kiss me bouquet !

Box of 9 Valentine's Day chocolates + 16 Fruity Petits RICHART + 9 French pâtes de fruits

Bring the spark back with a tangy gourmet bouquet! Inside this box, you’ll find our collection… Learn more

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Nutrition Facts
Average nutritional values for 100 g
Fat 22 g
of which saturated fatty acids 11.6g
Carbohydrates 50 g
of which sugars 45 g
Proteins 3.5g
Sodium 0.07mg

Chocolates: cocoa 20.14%, sugar 19.00%, cocoa butter 11.65%, lychee 8.70%, cream (milk*) 7.98%, hazelnuts* 6.74%, passion fruit 4.46%, butter (milk*) 4.16%, milk powder* 3.55%, mango 3.23%, glucose syrup 2.79%, stabilizer : sorbitol 2.75%, raspberry 2.59%, lactose* 0.93%, hazelnut oil* 0.52%, blackcurrant 0.26%, gelling agent: pectin 0.19%, emulsifier: soy lecithin* 0.18%, vanilla 0.10%, flavorings 0.05%, barley malt extract* 0.03%; Traces of E171,E129,E102,E132

French pâtes de fruits : Sugar 42,74%, apple 14,38%, apricot 9,50%, glucose syrup 8,89%, orange 7,24%, raspberry 6,98%, mango 5,03%, passion fruit 3,78%, citric acid 0,87%, mint 0,45%, cinnamon 0,12%, flavour 0,02%. Allergens indicated with *. May contain traces of nuts, gluten, egg, sesame and peanuts.

Petits Richart : cocoa 35.61%, sugar 19.54%, cocoa butter 10.21%, brown* 4.70%, apricot 4.27%, milk powder* 3.00%, butter (milk*)3.91%, blackcurrant 3.12%, glucose syrup 2.70%, raspberry 2.60%, pineapple 2.37%, stabilizer: sorbitol 1.48%, cream (milk*) 1.45%, passion fruit 1.45%, lactose* 1.35%, mango 0.72%, alcohol 0.56%, lime 0.46%, emulsifier:soy lecithin* 0.29%, flavourings 0.08%, blackcurrant pepper 0.07%, vanilla 0.04%, pepper 0.01%, barley malt extract* 0.01%.

Bring the spark back with a tangy gourmet bouquet!

Inside this box, you’ll find our collection of 3 new heart-shaped Valentine's Day chocolates, designed especially for the occasion by Maison RICHART:

  • Ardent Chocolate Heart : Inside a dark chocolate coating, a powerful aromatic bouquet in raspberry and litchi ganache, softened by a touch of Damask rose.
  • Playful Chocolate Heart : Inside a white chocolate coating, a warm burst of hazelnut praline, emboldened with a hint of passion fruit. 
  • Intense Chocolate Heart : Under a milk chocolate coating, silky ganache made from Peruvian cocoa beans, whose intense aromatic notes of nuts dominate this bouquet.

Generous and playful, they’ll bring you joy! The French pâtes de fruits made with pure fruit pulp and the Fruity Petits RICHART chocolates are filled with the best nectars, so festive and lush (raspberry, blackcurrant, mango-passion fruit, Ardèche chestnuts, pineapple, apricot and lime) to warm the heart. 

Product dimensions

Elegant white drawer box, 130 x 130 x 100 mm wrapped up with a paper ribbon.

238 g

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and should be treated with great care.

  • Ideal conditions for chocolate storage require a constant temperature between 12°C et 16°C and a constant humidity level of 60-70%
  • Chocolates can be tasted at room temperature.

RICHART products contain no preservatives and no artificial flavoring. For optimal flavor, filled chocolate should be consumed within 2 weeks after purchase.