The year is coming to an end. The children are getting excited, dreaming about the magic of Santa’s sleigh, overflowing with presents. Perhaps now more than ever, we all want to embrace the comfort and cheer of the Christmas spirit. We’re all looking forward to the start of the holiday countdown, so we can enjoy the chill of frosty mornings, the warmth of cozy evenings on the couch, the sweet indulgence of a festive treat...

This year, Maison RICHART has been inspired by the joy of togetherness for its collection of Christmas chocolates. This creative work has produced 7 chocolates with flavors that are warm, intense and sometimes surprising, with each chocolate showcasing an ingredient reminiscent of a specific French region: the fruity flavor of the white almonds of Provence, the tart sweetness of a salted-butter caramel and apples from Brittany, the freshness of clementines from Corsica... A way to be together and share the joys of this festive tradition, no matter what happens!