• My Dad is My Hero
  • My Dad is My Hero
  • My Dad is My Hero
  • My Dad is My Hero
  • My Dad is My Hero
  • My Dad is My Hero

My Dad is My Hero

Box of 25 filled chocolates + 12 French mini-macarons

For Father's Day, Maison RICHART has designed the perfect box to satisfy your dad gourmet palate.… Learn more

39,70 €

We are sorry, this product is discontinued.

  • Handmade in France
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Cacao 37,60%,sucre 23,55%,crème (lait*) 9,58%,beurre de cacao 7,93%,sirop de glucose 3,09%,Noisettes* 2,95%,amandes* 2,43%,beurre 2,10%,poudre de lait* entier 1,92%,marron* 1,52%,stabilisant:sorbitol 0,94%,orange 0,56%,Framboise 0,49%,ananas 0,48%,alcool 0,44%,mandarine 0,43%,Cassis 0,42%,pamplemousse 0,38%,abricot 0,36%,citron vert 0,34%,Passion 0,31%,emulsifiant:lecthine de soja* 0,29%,lactose* 0,27%,yuzu 0,26%,noix* 0,23%,Mangue 0,17%,sésame* 0,16%,pêche 0,14%,vanille 0,07%,menthe 0,07%,aromes 0,06%,kumquat 0,05%,pectine 0,05%,violette 0,05%,citron 0,04%,cannelle 0,04%,macis 0,04%,café 0,03%,huile de noix* 0,03%,noix muscade 0,02%,fève de tonka 0,02%,curry 0,02%,baies roses 0,01%,poivre de Cassis 0,01%,eau 0,01%,badiane 0,01%,réglisse 0,01%,extrait de malt d'orge* 0,01%,poivre rouge 0,004%,fleur de sel 0,003%,poivre 0,001%,carraghénanes 0,001%,E471 0,001% 

Sucre 38,21%,amandes* 17,33%,crème (lait*) 12,01%,œufs* 11,58%,eau 3,68%,beurre de cacao 3,13%,Cassis 2,31%,Framboise 2,24%,cacao 1,76,Passion 1,68%,pistaches* 1,45%,poudre de lait* entier 1,87%,lactose* 0,58%,beurre (lait*) 0,56%,stabilisant:sorbitol 0,39%,citron vert 0,34%,lait* 0,15%alcool 0,13%,gelifiant:pectine 0,11%,vanille 0,1%,citron jaune 0,07%,colorant:E161b 0,07%,sirop de glucose 0,06%,gelifiant:agar 0,06%,aromes 0,04%,emulsifiant:lecithine de soja* 0,03%,colorant:E171 0,02%,colorant:E110 0,01%,fleur de sel 0,01%;colorant:E120 0,01%,poivre de Cassis 0,01%,Traces de colorant:E124,colorant:E132. Allergènes indiqués avec un *. Peut contenir des traces de fruits à coque, de gluten, d'oeufs, sésame et de cacahuète.

For Father's Day, Maison RICHART has designed the perfect box to satisfy your dad gourmet palate. 

3-drawer gift box :

  • 4 mini-heart chocolates filled with cocoa ganache under a dark coating + 12 Petits RICHART chocolates in a gourmet assortment to discover our seven aromatic families, 
  • 9 Palets d'or: under a crisp dark chocolate coating, you’ll discover a soft and silky ganache made with cream from Bresse and single-origin cocoa from Peru with very warm and intense aromatic notes of cocoa, with just a hint of tartness,
  • 12 French mini-macarons in assorted flavors. Our mini-macarons are so scrumptious! This 0.14-ounce bite-size morsel has an aromatic power similar to a classic macaron. It’s got it all! A crisp shell filled with soft ganache, fruit pulp or caramel. An unforgettable pleasure, in 10 assorted flavors (randomly packed). 
Product dimensions

Elegant white drawer box, size 130 x 130 x 100 mm, accompanied by its tasting guide.

Storage conditions and consumption time

Chocolate is a fragile product and must be handled with great care.

  • Ideal storage conditions for chocolate: constant temperature between 12°C and 16°C and constant humidity level from 60% to 70%.
  • Chocolates may be stored at room temperature.

RICHART products do not contain any preservatives or artificial flavorings. For optimal tasting, filled chocolate must be consumed within 2 weeks (5 days for macarons) of purchase.

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