Summer in Provence

Provence… Just saying the word will make you feel good inside. Sunny scents, generous flavors and warm colors awaken your senses. In the new collection, lavender and apricot take the spotlight. Enjoy the beauty and charm of a summer in Provence!

French macarons and chocolates featuring the typical aromatic notes from Provence

For our new collection, Gautier Richart is reminiscing about the summers he spent in Provence when he was a child. Come along with him, and experience an unforgettable adventure in taste with chocolates and macarons featuring the typical aromatic notes of lavender and apricot, crafted in the purest French artisan tradition.

Close your eyes and let yourself be carried away to the joyful sound of the cicadas and the authentic ambiance of these villages of old stone, warmed by the sunlight. Relax in the shade of a hundred-year-old olive tree, while listening to the refreshing gurgling of a nearby fountain. Dip your hand into a basket of local fruits: juicy apricots, luscious peaches and deliciously sweet cantaloupe. Time seems to stand still.

Down a little lane, breathe in the sweet fragrances of the Mediterranean scrub, where rosemary and thyme grow wild. Or perhaps you’d prefer the vast expanses of blooming lavender, proudly giving off its fascinating fragrance, bringing back so many good memories. Memories of summers in Provence.