Serendipity, the new Valentine's Day collection

The serendipity of an encounter: a breathtaking landscape, an ephemeral fragrance, an exceptional person... This is the precise moment of love at first sight, so rare and so precious, full of enchantment and plenitude, sometimes fleeting, sometimes enduring, which leaves a lasting impression on our minds and hearts. The Valentine's Day collection is inspired by this serendipity, where feelings mingle with the intensity of aromatic notes. 

Gourmet Valentine’s Day Gifts

The new Valentine’s Day chocolate collection draws its inspiration from the wonder felt by Gautier Richart during a stay in Kyoto. Nature takes on the pink hue of cherry blossoms, the paths are covered with a silky carpet of petals swirling in the breeze. Time is on hold, a feeling of serenity overcomes you.
Our hand-crafted chocolates are specially decorated for the occasion with subtle floral motifs, offering elegant aromatic notes of seductive spring flavors. Ginger and yuzu, lychee, rose and raspberry, single origin plain ganache… These Valentine’s Day chocolate boxes are irresistible.
For a romantic evening, a declaration of love, a marriage proposal or to celebrate friendship, it’s time to express your affection with a delightful assortment of chocolates.
For Valentine’s Day, give your sweetheart a box of chocolates, presented with your personal message printed on a card slipped inside the box. It’s time to let your inner poet be free!