Mother's Day

“M”, as in Maman, Mother, Mom, Mamma, Mama, Mutti, Mor… The “Mother's Embrace” collection is full of wonderfully delicious surprises, with a delightful, tingly combination of violet and passion fruit, making for a subtle duo of aromas.

Thinking of your mom may evoke her unique perfume, her soft, protective warmth and comforting voice. She’s a beacon of hope, a steady presence, guiding you through life, in her own way, always doing her best.

For Mother’s Day, Gautier Richart has created a new world of taste that’s tender, subtle and powerful, by designing unique, handmade chocolates with aromatic notes evoking childhood reminiscences of a mother’s love, both personal and universal. On a base of supple, warm caramel, violet—a magnificently subtle flower releasing deep, persistent flavors in the mouth—pairs perfectly with the fruity aroma and incredible fullness of passion fruit, whose touch of tartness invigorates this chocolate masterpiece with a perfect balance of flavors, between supple and refreshing.

Wow her with a unique, personalized gift by adding your own message that we’ll print out on a card and pack with your luxury Mother’s Day chocolate box. It’s never been easier to have gourmet Mother’s Day chocolates delivered!